1. Special


£ 17.00

Main Spaghetti carbonara with ITALIAN BLACK TRUFFLE

£ 19.00

Main 30 days Scotch BEEF TAGLIATA

£ 21.00

Main 30 days Scotch BEEF TAGLIATA with BLACK TRUFFLE gravy

£ 27.00


2. Starter

Prawns and Calamari salad

£ 11.00

Squid and Black Tiger Prawns salad with celery hearts, lemon juice, fresh parsley and extra vergin olive oil, on a bed of mix greens

Gamberi alla frà diavola

£ 8.90

Garlic and chilli marinated king prawns, lobster and tomato sauce, fresh herbs *Spicy

Pallotte cacio e uovo

£ 5.90

Fluffy cheese balls in a rich tomato sauce *Vegetarian

Olive all’ascolana

£ 5.90

Green olives stuffed with a blend of meats and cheeses, coated with egg wash and bread crumbs.

Gran fritto

£ 10.90

1 arancino al ragù,1 arancino vegetariano, 2 crocchette, 3 ascolana *Vegetarian

Crocchette filanti

£ 5.90

Potato croquettes filled with smoke provola cheese, coated with egg wash and bread crumbs. *Vegetarian *Contain Nuts

Bread basket

£ 3.90

A selection of the Homemade daily breads, focaccia and 5 cereals *Contain nuts

Arancini al ragù

£ 5.90

sicilian saffron’s rice balls filled with ragù, garden peas, mozzarella, coated with and bread crumbs.

Arancini vegetariani

£ 5.90

Sicilian saffron’s rice balls filled with grilled vegetables, tomato sauce, coated with and bread crumbs. *Vegetarian

3. Primi

Ravioli con pomodo e bufala

£ 14.90

Homemade eggpasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese, serverd with tomato sauce and Buffalo mozzarella *Vegetarian

Tagliatelle gamberi e zucchiene

£ 12.90

Homemade egg pasta with prawns, garlic, chilli, courgettes, lobster sauce, fresh parsley

Tagliatelle al ragù

£ 11.90

Homemade egg pasta with beef ragù

Spaghetti alla carbonara

£ 11.90

Spaghetti pasta with egg yolk, pecorino, guanciale, black pepper

Lasagne alla Bolognese

£ 9.90

Layers off homemade eggpasta, beef ragù, bechamel, parmesan cheese

Gnocchi con salmone e asparagi

£ 13.90

Hand made potato gnocchi, fresh salmon, asparagus spears, tomato sauce, fresh cream

Gnocchi al pesto di pistacchio e gorgonzola

£ 11.90

Hand made potato gnocchi, cream of pistacchio, gorgonzola, parmesan cheese *Vegetarian *Contain nuts

4. Secondi


£ 13.90

Typical lamb skewers from Abruzzo with side green salad (9pcs)

Cotoletta con patate

£ 11.90

Breaded chicken with roasted potatoes

Melanzane alla parmigiana

£ 9.90

layers of deep fried aubergines, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan, fresh basil *Vegetarian

5. Insalate

Rucola, pomodorini e parmigiano

£ 5.90

Rocket, cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan *Vegetarian

Prosciutto e bufala

£ 10.90

Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella (150gr), tomatoes, mixed leaves

Avocado e bufala

£ 10.90

Buffalo mozzarella (150gr), tomatoes, mixed leaves *Vegetarian

6. Desserts


£ 5.90

Tiramisù *Vegetarian

Panna cotta with raspberry coulis

£ 5.90

Panna cotta with raspberry coulis

Panna cotta with nutella

£ 5.90

Panna cotta with nutella

7. Gelati

Hackney – Dark chocolate sorbet 125ml

£ 4.90

Made with 70% callebaut chocolate and cocoa powder *VeGan

Hackney – Pistacchio

£ 4.90

Made from finest roasted bronte pistacchio from Sicily *Vegetarian *Contain Nuts

Hackney – Peanut butter 125ml

£ 4.90

Peanuts rippled with peanut butter ice cream *Vegetarian *Contain Nuts

Hackney – Bourbon Vanilla 125ml

£ 4.90

cream base infused 24 hrs with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla pods *Vegetaria

Hackney – Sea salted caramel 125ml

£ 4.90

Caramel base, sprinkled with maldon seasalt *Vegetarian

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